Monday, December 2, 2013

Yuan Addicted with Monsters University Movie

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? mine? It was great! I spent quality time with my husband and son. We just watched Monsters University over and over again. Yuan likes Mike Wazowski so much.(ahahahhaha) It never gets old to him. 

He can also draw a picture of him.
I was worried before because he doesn't talk at age 2. But he knows letters and how to write them. 

According to Judith Hudson of  Baby Center, Some more cautious and reserved 2-year-olds tend to wait until they understand a great deal of what they hear before they actually speak. Here are some signs of language readiness:

* Does your child point to objects? Pointing to a toy he wants or to a picture in a book is closely related to the beginning of actual speech.

* Does he seem to understand what you say? Does he react when you call his name when you're out of sight? The ability to understand language precedes the ability to talk. If your child seems to comprehend a great deal of what others are saying, he's well on his way to talking.

* Does your child use gestures and facial expressions to communicate? Many kids communicate what they need nonverbally, and in fact most 2-year-olds develop a host of nonverbal signals.

* Does your child grunt? Research shows that the little grunts 2-year-olds make while pointing to pictures or playing with their toys are actually a kind of commentary. Children who aren't yet talking and don't grunt are more likely to later be diagnosed with a language delay.

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