Thursday, November 28, 2013

Yuan's First ID Picture - Kiddie Savings Account

Yuan just had his first ID picture. He's going to apply for kiddie savings account. It's better to save now for his future. But, we're thinking which one to choose. Actually, it was my plan before pero nalimutan ko na kase medyo busy. When I read Mommy Friday's blog (one of my favorite bloggers, sobrang down to earth and approachable) about PSBank Kiddie Savers Account, we should teach our kids the value of savings by opening kiddie savings account. 

Here are some Kiddie Savings Account informations.
1. Completely filled-out bank forms

2.Valid IDs: 
Parents / Legal Guardians
(At least one (1) primary ID or two (2) valid secondary IDs, one of which with photo and signature)

3. Child/ren or Ward/s
(Birth Certificate issued by the NSO or Certified True Copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar
Passport or School ID (photo bearing duly signed by the principal or head of the school))

For more info Click here

For more info Click here
For more info Click here


  1. He's super cute mommy shane...prang di mo kmukha lols.

    1. Thanks! Mas kamukha nga daw ng husband ko e :)

  2. This is a great idea! I agree that we should teach our children how to save money ♥

    BTW, Yuan is so cute :-) Yes I think it is a mix of both pero yes mas kamukha nga ng hubby. Kahit ung saken tatlo kids mas kamukha ni hubby.

    Much Love, ♥
    Rochelle Rivera

  3. Yes, para din sa future nila :)

    You look fabulous! Sana ma-maintain ko din yung ganyan :)
    Malakas dugo nila. hehehehhe

    Thanks! ♥